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Tebuconazole 125gl + Propiconazole 125gl EC foliar fungicide

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Tebuconazole 125gl + Propiconazole 125gl EC foliar fungicide

Large Image :  Tebuconazole 125gl + Propiconazole 125gl EC foliar fungicide

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Greenriver
Certification: SGS, C/O, FORM A,

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1000KGs/Liters
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: AS per customers’ request
Delivery Time: In about 2-3 weeks when order confirmed
Payment Terms: T/T down payment or irrevocable L/C at sight
Supply Ability: 6000tons annually
Detailed Product Description
High Light:

Tomato Plant Fungicide


Powdery Mildew Fungicide


Tebuconazole 125gl + Propiconazole 125gl EC foliar fungicide CAS 107534-96-3 , 36734-19-7





Propiconazole is a systemic foliar fungicide with a broad range of activity. It is used on grasses

grown for seed, mushrooms, corn, wild rice, peanuts, almonds, sorghum, oats, pecans, apricots,

peaches, nectarines, plums and prunes. On cereals it controls diseases caused by Erysiphe

graminis, Leptosphaeria nodorum, Pseudocerosporella herpotrichoides, Puccinia spp., Pyrenophora

teres, Rhynchosporium secalis, and Septoria spp.

Propiconazole's mode of action is demethylation of C-14 during ergosterol biosynthesis, and leading

to accumulation of C-14 methyl sterols. The biosynthesis of these ergosterols is critical to the

formation of cell walls of fungi. This lack of normal sterol production slows or stops the growth of

the fungus, effectively preventing further infection and/or invasion of host tissues. Therefore,

propiconazole is considered to be fungistatic or growth inhibiting rather than fungicidal or killing.



Quick Detail:


Product name: Tebuconazole 125gl + Propiconazole 125gl EC

Pesticide category: Fungicide

CAS NO.: 107534-96-3;36734-19-7

MF: C16H22ClN3O /C13H13Cl2N3O3

Purity: 50%WP

Appearance (TC): White powder

Appearance (25%EC): Yellow to deep yellow transparent liquid

Brand name: Greenriver/ as per customers request.





Systemic foliar fungicide with a broad range of activity, at 100-150 g/ha. On cereals, it controls

diseases caused by Cochliobolus sativus, Erysiphe graminis, Leptosphaeria nodorum, Puccinia

spp., Pyrenophora teres, Pyrenophora tritici-repentis, Rhynchosporium secalis, and Septoria spp.

In bananas, control of Mycosphaerella musicola and Mycosphaerella fijiensis var. difformis. Other

uses are in turf against Sclerotinia homoeocarpa, Rhizoctonia solani, Puccinia spp. and Erysiphe

graminis; in rice against Rhizoctonia solani, Helminthosporium oryzae, and dirty panicle complex;

in coffee against Hemileia vastatrix; in peanuts against Cercospora spp.; in stone fruit against

Monilinia spp., Podosphaera spp., Sphaerotheca spp. and Tranzschelia spp.; in maize against Helminthosporium spp.





Active Ingredient
Common Name: Tebuconazole 125gl + Propiconazole 125gl EC
Chemical Name:



Pesticide Category: Fungicide
CAS No: 107534-96-3;36734-19-7
Molecular Formula: C16H22ClN3O /C13H13Cl2N3O3

Structural Formula:

Tebuconazole 125gl + Propiconazole 125gl EC foliar fungicideTebuconazole 125gl + Propiconazole 125gl EC foliar fungicide

Mol. wt. 342.2 M.f. C15H17Cl2N3O2 Form Yellowish, odourless, viscous liquid (tech.). M.p. -23 °C (glass transition temperature) B.p. 99.9 °C (0.32 Pa); 120 °C (1.9 Pa); >250 °C (101 kPa) V.p. 2.7 ´ 10-2 mPa (20 °C); 5.6 ´ 10-2 mPa (25 ºC) KOW logP = 3.72 (pH 6.6, 25 ºC) Henry 9.2 ´ 10-5 Pa m3 mol-1 (20 °C, calc.) S.g./density 1.29 (20 ºC) Solubility In water 100 mg/l (20 ºC). In n-hexane 47 g/l. Completely miscible with ethanol, , toluene and n-octanol (25 °C). Stability Stable up to 320 ºC; no significant hydrolysis. pKa 1.09, v. weak base.

Form Colourless crystals; (tech., colourless to light brown powder). M.p. 105 °C V.p. 1.7 ?10-3 mPa (20°C) (OECD 104) KOW logP = 3.7 (20°C) Henry 1 ?10-5 Pa m3 mol-1 (20°C) S.g./density 1.25 (26°C) Solubility In water 36 mg/l (pH 5-9, 20°C). In dichloromethane >200, isopropanol, toluene 50-100, hexane <0.1 (all in g/l, 20°C). Stability Stable to elevated temperatures, and to photolysis and hydrolysis in pure water, under sterile conditions; hydrolysis DT50 >1 y (pH 4-9, 22°C). See also Environmental Fate.

Mode of Action:

Systemic foliar fungicide with protective and curative action, with translocation acropetally in the xylem.

Systemic fungicide with protective, curative, and eradicant action. Rapidly absorbed into the vegetative parts of the plant, with translocation principally acropetally.



Oral LD50 (Rat)>1,500 mg/kg. Dermal LD50 (Rabbit) >4,000 mg/kg.

Oral Acute oral LD50 for male rats 4000, female rats 1700, mice c. 3000 mg/kg. Skin and eye Acute percutaneous LD50 for rats >5000 mg/kg. Non-irritating to skin; mild irritant to eyes (rabbits). Inhalation LC50 (4 h) for rats 0.37 mg/l air (aerosol), >5.1 mg/l (dust).


Formulation Specification
Product name: Tebuconazole 125gl + Propiconazole 125gl EC
Items Standard
Appearance Yellow to deep yellow transparent liquid
Content of a.i. ≥25%
pH 4.0-7.0
moisture % ≤ 0.5
The emulsion stability (20 times dilution) Qualified
Hot storage stability of a (54 ℃ + 2 ℃, 14 d) Qualified




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Our promise:
Our product features: Our Services Guarantee:
1) Competitive price 1) Prompt respond (Reply with 24 hours)
2) Good quality 2) Free Samples (Customer pay for the delivery cost)
3) Professional Packaging, 3) Registration support.
4) Produce according to Customers’ instruction 4) Photos/videos are available during production.
5) None delay shipment

5) Loading inspection, and send loading photos before shipment.


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